1. For other specialized investigation i. e. CT scan, MRI, PET scan, Angiography, and other vascular graphys, Bone Scan, specialized pathological investigations, we have tie-up with nearby Diagnostic Centres.

2. Canteen and dietician provides well balanced diet to meets the nutritional requirement of patients. Experts in the field of nutrition guide the pantry staff every time.

3. Spacious store and linen room for additional stock of materials required daily or emergency basis.

4. We have other paramedical staff inclusive of Male and Female attendants, Lift Man, Electrician, Plumber, etc. to keep the working of our organization with ease.

5. We have fire fighting system at each floor with high pressure water supply along with fire exit, lift with carrying capacity around 15 people for every floor access, spacious and ventilated stair case from basement to terrace.

6. Our hospital is under CCTV surveillance to avoid and prevent any type of anti-social activities in premises, CCTV in each and every ward, corridor, Unit also helps to keep track on each and every corners of hospital security point of view.

7. We also have solar water heating system is working at our hospital. Generator of 410 KV present along with Invertors for ICU, OT, Billing, Pathology rooms etc.

8. Hospital has ambulance service with oxygen and suction facility, trained Doctor and paramedics help in safe transportation of patient when needed.