3rd floor have two special rooms with all basic amenities & healthcare facilities. Facility for relatives to accommodate with the patient is also available. Patients are round the clock monitored by doctors and paramedical staff. Rooms are well furnished with air cooling facility.

The operation theatre boast of the best available international facilities like C-arm image intensifier ,remote control oprated operation table ,central oxygen ,boyle’s machine with hypoxic guard to ensure safe anaesthesia among other highly sohisticated equipment including power drills and multireflector O.T lights.Now, this is what bringing world-class healthcare at your doorsteps truly means.oprestion theater complex also has a recovery room equipped with multipara monitor,central oxygen, & well trained staff for post operation monitoring of patients.

We have in all One operation theaters to deal with every emergency or routine cases requiring surgical intervention. Major Operation Theater is around 500 sq ft, and Minor Operation Theater / Labor room is around 250 sq ft.
Operation Theater have Laminar Air Flow facility, with all Ortho and Neuro Attachments are available as and when required, Philips with Dom and Reflector light in OTs, Boyles Apparatus, Multipara monitors, Defibrillators, etc. are some of major equipment at our Operation Theater.
We deal with all type of surgical procedures and has performed various surgical procedure such as Amputations, Laprotomy, Varicose Vein Stripping both unilateral and bilateral, Joint Replacement Surgeries, Thoracotomy, Laminectomy and Discectomy, Thyroidectomy, Hernioplasty and Herniorraphy, Mastectomy Hysterectomy, Cholecystectomy, Craniotomy, Burr Hole, Appendectomy, TURP, Fistula, Internal Fixation of Fractures, Onco surgeries, Deliveries both Normal and Caesarians etc are done under expert guidance of consultant and assisted by paramedical staff with humanitarian touch.
Minor surgical procedure such as Circumcission, Plaster application, Abscess drainage, D & C, Antral Wash and Puncture, Lymph Node biopsies, DNS repair, AV Fistula etc are also carried out at our hospital routinely.